Here’s What Wine Casual Is All About

“Focus and further your wine learning the systematic and casual way. Seriously.”

Wine Casual is a resource for focusing your wine learning in a systematic and casual way. I take a decidedly casual yet systematic approach to learning about wine.

I go deep and focus on one wine region or one grape varietal for weeks or months at a time. Fittingly, I organize my wine tastings, vacations, recreational reading, my Netflix queue, and cooking at home all around a handful of wine themes.

By coupling a desire to build wine knowledge with a supportive and immersive wine experience, I live and experience wine in 3-D. Now with Wine Casual, you can too.

If you’re seriously committed to systematically focusing and furthering your wine knowledge through a casual approach, start now, and sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of this page.

What Regions Wine Casual Is Focusing on Right Now

Mendoza Argentina

Mendoza, Argentina

Wine Casual is currently focusing primarily on three wine regions:

  • Loire Valley, France (July 2016 – July 2018)
  • Jumilla, Yecla & Alicante, Spain (July 2017 – July 2018)
  • Western Cape, South Africa (July 2017 – July 2018)

Secondary region(s) of focus (and still tasting wines from these areas):

  • Mendoza, Argentina (January 2015 – July 2019)
  • Lodi, California (July 2016 – July 2019)
  • New York Finger Lakes (July 2015 – July 2019)

In addition, I am also keenly passionate about worldwide expressions of the Cabernet Franc grape varietal.

I’m spending up to 43 months focusing on wines from these three regions from January 2015 – July 2018.  

During this period I’ll be doing intensive, in-depth exploration including reviews of Monastrell (Mourvedre) -based wines in Spain, Cabernet Franc (especially Chinon and New World versions) and dry, Chenin Blanc-based wines in the Loire Valley and South Africa, and Rhone Varietals, Red Zinfandel and Cabernet Franc-based wines in Lodi.

Past Visits

New York Finger Lakes

New York Finger Lakes

  • Mendoza, Argentina:  February 2015, January 2016 (2 visits)
  • New York Finger Lakes:  August 2015, September 2015, October 2015, August 2018 (4 visits)
  • Rheinhessen, Germany: December 2015, October 2016, December 2016, December 2017 (4 visits)
  • Casablanca Valley, Chile: February 2015, January 2016 (2 visits)
  • Lodi, California: April 2016, August 2016 (2 visits)
  • Amador County California: April 2016, August 2016 (2 visits)
  • Alsace, Colmar & Strasbourg, France: September 2016 (1 visit)
  • Portland, Oregon: October 2014, August 2016 (2 visits)
  • Sonoma, California: November 2017 (1 visit)
  • Livermore, California: November 2017 (1 visit)
  • Stellenbosch, South Africa: January 2018 (1 visit)
  • Walla Walla, Washington: October 2018 (1 visit)

Upcoming Visits:

  • Rheinhessen, Germany: December 2018 (1 visit)
  • Hunter Valley, Australia: October 2019

Future Wine Regions of Focus (July 2018 – July 2019)

  • TBD.  Suggestions?
Reggie Solomon, CSW, WSET 3, Wine Casual, T. Reginald Solomon

Reggie Solomon, DipWSET, CSW, Wine Casual

About Reggie Solomon

Hi. I’m Reggie, and Wine Casual is my shingle on the internets to focus my learning about wine in a systematic and casual way.

I’ve been hacking wine since 1998. I travel to different wine regions, consume multiple-forms of wine content, and regularly explore new wines at home and with family and friends.

My goal for Wine Casual is to reflect on my own learning, help you further your wine learning, and benefit from your experiences and the experiences of others.

Reggie Solomon holds a BA in Political Science and Sociology from Yale University and a Master in Public Policy with a specialization in Business-Government policy from the Harvard Kennedy School. Reggie works at Yale University where he has spent over a decade working in government relations and development.

Reggie holds a Diploma in Wine & Spirits (DipWSET) from the UK-based Wine & Spirits Educational Trust (WSET) headquartered in London.  He is also a member of the U.S.-based Society of Wine Educators, holding their Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW) qualification.

Reggie lives in Norwalk, Connecticut. Reggie is co-author of the book I Garden: Urban Style. In his free time he writes about wine here at Wine Casual