Samples Policy

The vast majority (i.e., 99%) of wines reviewed on Wine Casual are purchased by me personally. I do not solicit samples, but I do accept wine samples.

Because I am now reviewing wines for Wine Enthusiast Magazine, I will not be reviewing or scoring wines on Wine Casual.  If you are interested in having a wine from the Loire or Beaujolais reviewed, please send it to Wine Enthusiast directly and I will review it.

Outside the the Loire or Beaujolais I can write generally about a wine or wine region, but it will not receive a formal review or score.

Please review my About Page to find out what wines and wine regions I’m currently focused on to get a sense of how the wine you’re considering submitting meshes with Wine Casual’s current, past or planned future focus. I’m also open to sampling interesting wines outside my current focus.

While virtually everything submitted for tasting receives some nature of reference within 3-4 months, please note that Wine Casual makes no guarantee that all samples will be tasted nor to the nature or timing of a reference because I will always give my honest, up-front opinion. To comply with FTC regulations Wine Casual will also make a note in a review that the wine was received as a sample.

If you would like to submit a wine for sampling please contact me, let me know what wine you would like to submit, and I will send you shipping details.