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Bellwether Legacy Hard Cider – A Bone-Dry Hard Cider Style Most Will Never Experience, But Should

Bellwether, Legacy Hard Cider, New York, Wine Casual

Bellwether, Legacy Hard Cider, New York

Tasting Note: Golden in color this cider has a nose of pear, granny smith and golden delicious apple.

On the palate the cider is bone dry with medium acidity and medium-sized bubbles emanating from the bottom of your glass.

Many times when you taste cider you taste cider that is slightly sweetened, showing the form of the apple in a ripe to overripe style.

This cider from Bellwether shows the bone-dry style that most will never experience but should.

Tasting this cider gives one a perspective of the range of sweetness levels available in ciders beginning with this dry portion of the spectrum.

The cider would suit a white or red wine drinker who prefers their wine dry.

On a summer evening in July sitting on one’s porch as I am now, this cider offers something new and unexpected from the under-the-radar cider market for those wine aficionados like me who adore wine, ciders and the craft beer movement which one hopes will lead to more innovations like this in your glass.

Rating: 90 points
Price: $18
Alcohol: 6.9%
Tasted: Home
Tasting Date: July 2, 2016

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