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Brix Chocolate Medium Dark Chocolate – Like a Brick of 24-Karat Chocolate Gold

Brix Chocolate, Medium Dark Chocolate, Wine Casual

Brix Chocolate, Medium Dark Chocolate

Tasting Note: You’ll see why this chocolate is called Brix when you take it out the packet and find it resembles a brick of 24-karat chocolate gold.

Your second thought will be, “How am I going to cut this?” but you’ll figure it out.

Brix Chocolate, Medium Dark Chocolate, Wine Casual, Wine Casual

Photo Credit: Wine Casual, Brix Chocolate, Medium Dark Chocolate

My husband and I used a kitchen knife to carve chunks and shavings of delicious chocolate for four days before it was gone.

Not only was it a pleasure to eat, it was fun to cut and handle.

I’ve had small sample packets of this chocolate before but never in this format which totally enhanced the experience.

Brix chocolate was specifically developed to pair with wine, and I paired it with a Fields Zinfandel from Lodi California.

This chocolate brick is composed of 60% cacao.

I’m a fan of dark, high cocoa, low-sugar chocolate so this brick fit my bill.

The chocolate is rich, dark, and pairs well with the lighter, medium-bodied zinfandel I paired with it.

Any medium-bodied red wine would go well with this chocolate which could even stand up to fuller-bodied bottles.

After sampling this chocolate brix, I thought this would make a wonderful gift for wine lovers and a fun second gift to bring to dinner parties along with a bottle of red wine to share.

The act of cutting it would be fun enough itself, and the shavings could easily be put on top of steamed milk or mixed with post-dinner hot drinks.

While I don’t review chocolates often, I like this one and appreciate a chocolate designed to maximize and pair with my wine experiences.

Box Note: Brix chocolates are specially formulated to complement wine. This blend, based on the best chocolate from Ghana, accentuates the fruit of medium-bodied wines. Pairs with merlot, shiraz, zinfandel, chianti, Rhone. Tasting Notes: Pairs well with lighter, fruit-forward wines.

Rating: 92
Price: $14
Tasted: Home
Tasting Date: January 31, 2019

This chocolate was submitted for review.

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