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Dieter Meier’s Ojo de Agua Malbec 2013 – A Malbec that Punches Above its Weight

Dieter Meier’s Ojo de Agua, Malbec 2013, Mendoza, Argentina, Wine Casual

Dieter Meier’s Ojo de Agua, Malbec 2013, Mendoza, Argentina

Tasting Note: This malbec punches above its weight.

If this wine were the letter “S” you’d feel the art of the wine as it curves around bottom half of the “S” on your tongue. A truly elegant malbec with an earthy nose.

The thick legs that form on the side of your glass give way to subtle, balanced plum mixed with accompanying acidity as the wine makes its way across your palate. This is not a wine that hits you over the head with fruit, but a wine that impresses with its depth of flavor and ultimately character.

Like its sister wine, this wine impresses. Sip, sip away. Your wallet will thank you in the morning.

Bottle Note: At 1000 meters above sea level, the dry, hot climate, the extreme temperature differences between night and day, and the melting water from the Andes create ideal conditions for organically cultivated grapes of outstanding quality. Wine made with organic grapes. Made with organic grapes.

Rating: 93 points
Price: $14
Alcohol: 14.5%
Tasted: Home
Tasting Date: April 2015

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