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Ditto Piquette Spritz Red Raspberry – Sparkling-Water “Plus”

Ditto Piquette Spritz, Red Raspberry, Wine Casual

Ditto Piquette Spritz, Red Raspberry

Tasting Note: A light, piquette spritzer that tastes like drinking a sparkling water flavored with a spoon-full of wine.

Medium-intensity ruby in color, this spritzer has a medium-intensity nose of red plum, strawberry, raspberry and cranberry.

On the palate the dry, medium-bodied spritzer has light-intensity flavors suggested on the nose supported by medium acidity and completing with a short finish.

The spritzer is simple, uncomplicated and low in alcohol which is perfect for the days when you want sparkling-water “plus.”

Bottle Note: Red raspberry. Hints of lemon and star anise. Light, bright and refreshing piquette spritz sustainability made from fresh upcycled grapes, real fruit juices, and natural botanicals. With a hint of fizz, zero sugar, and only 5% ABV, it’s made for life’s feel-good moments. 70 calories.

Rating: 85 points
Price: $34 for a 24 pack
Alcohol: 5%
Tasted: Home
Tasting Date: August 13, 2021

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