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H&M Hofer Zweigelt 2013 – Perfect for a Picnic

H&M Hofer, Zweigelt 2013, Weinland, Osterreich, Austria, Wine Casual

H&M Hofer, Zweigelt 2013, Weinland, Osterreich, Austria

Tasting Note: It feels impossible to get tipsy on this Austrian red – until you do.

The same aftertaste that follows tasting German reds follows here as well. Fruity, light – this wine hits the back of tongue with high acidity but like so many German reds also impresses with flavor.

Raisiny aftertaste fills your mouth long after this wine finishes on your palate. Perfect for a picnic in a generous 1-litter-bottle size.

Bottle Note: Abfuller weinhandel Maria Hofer – A-2214 Auersthal, Trocken, Bio.

Rating: 81 points
Price: $14
Alcohol: 13%
Tasted: Home
Tasting Date: March 2015

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