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Robert Mondavi Private Selection Malbec 2012 – A Curious Mondavi Malbec from Argentina

Robert Mondavi Private Selection, Malbec 2012, Mendoza, Argentina, Wine Casual

Robert Mondavi Private Selection, Malbec 2012, Mendoza, Argentina

Tasting Note: What does a Robert Mondavi malbec from Argentina taste like?

Will it taste like a California-styled malbec, or will taste like an Argentine-malbec true to its terroir roots? This bottle answers those questions.

It would be difficult to put more black fruit (think blackberry, black plum, and black currant all rolled up in one) on the nose of this medium-bodied wine. On your palate, you can feel the structure of this wine in 3-D, with creek streams of acidity flowing out at every joint.

The structure of the wine is in balance with the overall acidity and, my overall expectations are exceeded. The Robert Mondavi brand might overwhelm your perception of the taste.

I for one would love to be served this wine in a blind tasting so it could be sampled without the heavy burden of its brand clouding over. If this brand produces for the mass market and I like it, what does it say about me? And more importantly what does it mean, if I don’t like it?

Blind tasting welcome.

Bottle Note: Like Mr. Mondavi, Winemaker Rick Boyer is passionate about wine. He has crafted this malbec to reveal lush tannins, notes of plum, blueberry, vanilla and spice, and finishes it with a subtle toasted oak nuance.

Rating: 85 points
Price: $9
Alcohol: 13.5%
Distributor: Constellation Imports, Acampo, California
Tasted: Home
Tasting Date: September 2, 2015

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