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Santa Rita 120 Carmenere 2013 – A Solid Carmenere for the Price

Santa Rita 120, Carmenere 2013, Central Valley, Chile, Wine Casual

Santa Rita 120, Carmenere 2013, Central Valley, Chile

Tasting Note: An orb of purple blackness in your glass.

This wine tastes of oak and black currant at its core and is a solid carmenere — another great installment from the Santa Rita 120 lineup. Beautifully astringent on the tail, I recommend you let it aerate for at least 30 minutes to an hour to soften its assertiveness straight out of the bottle. It’s a hero’s wine after all; you can’t blame it for being bold.

I wonder how they manage to deliver such quality at this price point. Impressive.

Bottle Note: According to legend, 120 patriots exhausted after a long, hard battle during the fight for Chile’s independence, reached the lands belonging to Santa Rita. On that fateful night in 1814 these forces of liberty found refuge in the estate cellars. Today, within there same cellars, our award-winning 120 wines are crafted to honor their heroic character. Our 120 Carmenere, the signature grape of Chile, has rich aromas of ripe, red fruit. On the palate, lush fruit flavors and a touch of spice lead to an elegant finish. A heavenly choice every time.

Rating: 80 points
Price: $6
Alcohol: 13.5%
Importer: Palm Bay International, Boca Raton, Florida
Tasted: Home
Tasting Date: March 2015

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