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Sunce Vineyard & Winery PL. Franicevic Cabernet Franc 2001- Proves Aging Potential of California Cab Franc

Photo Credit: Wine Casual, Sunce Vineyard & Winery, PL. Frani?evi? Cabernet Franc 2001, Nickelson’s Vineyard, Clear Lake, California

Sunce Vineyard & Winery, PL. Franicevic Cabernet Franc 2001, Nickelson’s Vineyard, Clear Lake, California

Tasting Note: Acidity and tannin brighten this cabernet franc which benefits from age but yet retains its youth in some ways capturing that elusive quality we all seek to own and perpetrate.

This bottle proves the aging potential of California cab franc in the best and most gorgeous way possible.

The unfiltered, garnet-colored, fifteen-year-old wine has an aromatic nose of summer strawberry, raspberry, rose petal and red cherry with faint hints of violet and vanilla baking spice.

On the attack the vibrant and lively red displays medium-plus acidity and then again on the finish bolstered by soft, well-integrated tannin.

The wine is also medium-plus in body and tannin and displays mid-palate complexity and particularly impressive back-palate structure.

I found this bottle in my basement and didn’t even know I had it.

It drinks gorgeously.

Drink now, but suitable for further aging (if you’re lucky enough to already own a bottle since it’s doubtful any exist at retail though Google could prove your ultimate savior).

Rating: 92 points
Price: $35
Alcohol: 13.5%
Tasted: Home
Tasting Date: April 4, 2016

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