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Waxwing Syrah 2014 – A Syrah with Lovely Aromatics

Waxwing, Syrah 2014, Flocchini Vineyard, Petaluma Gap, Sonoma County, California, Wine Casual

Waxwing, Syrah 2014, Flocchini Vineyard, Petaluma Gap, Sonoma County, California

Tasting Note: A syrah with lovely aromatics from the Petaluma Gap of Sonoma County.

Deep-intensity ruby in color, this wine has an aromatic, medium-plus-intensity nose of black plum, bramble, kirsch, lavender and clove-and-cinnamon baking spice.

On the palate the dry, medium-plus-bodied syrah delivers medium-plus-intensity flavors suggested on the nose supported by medium acidity and slightly-velvety, medium, tannin.

Flavors on the palate are more tart than those riper-fruit notes suggested on the nose.

The wine has midpalate complexity with a red-plum-infused, medium finish.

Bottle Note: Cedar Waxwings are strikingly handsome North American songbirds. Named for unique red wax-like tips on their wing feathers, they also have a distinctive black mask, silky-sleek gray and beige plumage, a feathery crest and a bright yellow band across their tails. They travel in large gregarious flocks, foraging from coast to coast, and can be seen eating berries in Northern California in winter and spring. At Waxwing Wines, we strive to make wine as beautiful as this native species.

Rating: 90 points
Price: $32 (I paid $20)
Alcohol: 13.9%
Tasted: Home
Tasting Date: May 3, 2019

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