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Weingut Carl Ehrhard Rudesheim Riesling Trocken 2013 – A Dry Burst of Excitement Bottled

Weingut Carl Ehrhard, Rudesheim Riesling Trocken 2013, Germany, Wine Casual

Weingut Carl Ehrhard, Rudesheim Riesling Trocken 2013, Germany

Tasting Note: My first post-WSET level 3 tasting note. Don’t worry, you will not be subjected to rote wine analytics – the best of wine is in its finesse.

Weingut Carl Ehrhard, Rudesheim Riesling Trocken 2013, GermanyOn the nose this riesling displays notes of lemon, green apple and fresh green fruit. On the palate the wine is intensely dry, with high acidity, medium alcohol and medium body finishing with an overall medium-plus flavor intensity.

The aroma characteristics on the nose match the flavor characteristics on the palate which has a medium-plus finish. Now, with those analytics behind us, let’s down to casual business.

The wine suits the occasion and mood of today, the last Saturday of August or the last Saturday of summer.

There is something bright about this riesling that reminds you of the burst of excitement you get on the first flip-flop-footwear appropriate day of the year (that’s the acidity part), but also the calm before the 3rd brown leaf of fall makes its way down to the green of your lawn (that’s in the finish).

This wine fits the welcoming style of dry German Rieslings that I wish more people had the opportunity to try and update their perception German wine. With my focus on the New York Finger Lakes ahead, this riesling provides an ample reference point for rigorous tastings ahead.

Bottle Note: Deutscher Qualitatswein b.a. – Gutsabfullung, A.P.NR. 24 033 002 14.

Rating: 88 points
Price: $22
Alcohol: 12.5%
Importer: Savio Soares Selections, Brooklyn, New York
Tasted: Home
Tasted: August 29, 2015

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