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Anapea Village Mtsvane Qvevri Traditional 2017 – Florality & Fruit

Arepea Village, Mtsvane Qvevri Traditional 2017, Kvareli, Georgia, Wine Casual

Anapea Village, Mtsvane Qvevri Traditional 2017, Kvareli, Georgia

Tasting Note: Florality and fruit.

Medium-intensity gold in color, this wine has an aromatic, medium-plus-intensity nose of pink rose, quince, green apple, pear and blossom.

On the palate the dry, medium-bodied wine has medium-intensity flavors suggested on the nose supported by medium acidity and completing with a medium-plus finish.

Bottle Note: Geographic area: Georgia, Kakheti region, Kindzmarauli Side, Kvareli. Grape Variety: Mtsvane. This wine is made in accordance with Georgia’s ancient winemaking tradition. In September, in a lovingly groomed vineyard, Rtveli (the autumn grape harvest) is held. On one hectare of land we cultivate 4 tons of grapes and press them in a qvevri (a giant clay jar placed underground) using the same technique employed by our ancestors for thousands of years. Natural grape juice ferments in qvevri for seven months. For several months after the initial fermentation stage, our wine is placed into qvevris specifically designed for wine maturation. Once our wine achieves perfect maturation, we bottle our wine and let is settle for a minimum three months. Our bottled wine is perfectly natural, not merely a bio wine. This is the product of harmonious coexistence between humankind and nature.

Rating: 90 points
Price: $ N/A
Alcohol: 12.9%
Importer: N/A
Tasted: Raw Wine NYC, Knockdown Center, Maspeth, New York
Tasting Date: October 27, 2019

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