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Antucura Malbec 2012 – Straightforward and Enjoyable

Antucura, Malbec 2012, Vista Flores, Mendoza, Argentina, Wine Casual

Antucura, Malbec 2012, Vista Flores, Mendoza, Argentina

Tasting Note: Fruit explodes on nose of this malbec but swiftly fades towards the middle of your tongue never fully reaching the back of your throat.

With faint acid in the finish, this wine is straightforward and enjoyable. It presents the malbec grape from Mendoza Argentina in its quintessential form.

Bottle Note: Thanks to a natural thinning of the vineyard produced by low temperatures at flowering time, the fruit achieved optimum color concentration and good balance of acidity and sugar by the presence of large thermal amplitudes during the months before the harvest. These features give life to a fresh wine, very fruity and smoothness on the palate.

Rating: 85 points
Price: $14
Alcohol: 14.3%
Tasted: Home
Tasting Date: April 2015

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