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Hacienda Del Plata Arriero Reserve Blend – Stuck in Red-Blend Purgatory

Hacienda Del Plata, Arriero Reserve Blend, Mendoza, Argentina, Wine Casual

Hacienda Del Plata, Arriero Reserve Blend, Mendoza, Argentina

Tasting Note: This red blend doesn’t yet know what it wants to be.

Earthy nose with a light red fruit flavor. On the palate the low-acid wine is not as fruity as its nose suggests and flavor fades towards the back of your tongue.

While this is definitely a red blend (and there is much potential and promise in malbec red blends), this particular red blend has yet to reach its final destination. It’s stuck in red-blend purgatory between where it is now and where it wants to be.

Perhaps more aging will see it towards a more certain identity. There is some noticeable tannin in the wine which could evolve further with time. If a French winemaker’s hand was at play here, I would not be at all surprised.

Bottle Note: The Arriero, a man forged through silence and nature. This forgotten memory infused in the style of this wine. It has been the passing of time and the wisdom attained after this experience that has nurtured the vines where he was born. It is nature that forms him, that imprints his character. It is like matter that you can touch with the spirit . . . an eternal invitation. Bottle 2,703 of 8,950 produced.

Rating: 82 points
Price: $23
Alcohol: 14.5%
Tasted: Home
Tasting Date: April 2015

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