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Octave Vinho Verde Rose – A Medium-Dry Rose with Strawberry Citrus

Octave, Vinho Verde Rose, Portugal, Wine Casual

Octave, Vinho Verde Rose, Portugal

Tasting Note: A rose you can open and enjoy without thinking.

This medium-dry rose has a strawberry nose with hints of orange citrus that finishes with acid and a slight residual sweetness on the palate that is more refreshing than cloying.

If you are a rose drinker who prefers dryer-styled roses, this wine is not for you. If you enjoy traditional vinho verde you’ll find this vinho verde rose derivative to be of interest to try. It comes with vinho verde’s slight bubbles in rose form. The acidity would work well with spicy summer salads.

For a simple, summer, easy-drinking rose, this wine is a winner. If you have snobby wine friends, serve them something else but otherwise give this a try.

Bottle Note: None

Rating: 80 points
Price: $6
Alcohol: 10.5%
Importer: Luneau USA, Westport, Connecticut
Tasted: Home
Tasting Date: July 2015

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