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Brimstone Hill Domaine Bourmont Brut – A Rustic Sparkler

Brimstone Hill, Domaine Bourmont Brut, Methode Champenoise, New York, Wine Casual

Brimstone Hill, Domaine Bourmont Brut, Methode Champenoise, New York

Tasting Note: Golden to deep amber in color this rustic sparkler makes an immediate impression with its deep, honeyed color.

On the nose there are green apple, strawberry and yeast aromas along with green and red apple.

On the palate the wine begins with a yeasty fresh green apple flavor that evolves into baked apple towards the sides and back of your palate along with caramel notes.

This full-bodied dry white wine is medium-plus in acidity but it is the primary fruit and secondary production qualities about the wine that are stand out.

This sparkler has personality you’d expect from a sparkling wine produced by a small wine producer that is actually small and not just marketed as such.

I visited this Hudson Valley winery in November, walked into an empty tasting room, and eventually had to step outside and yell out “hello” into the vineyard to get the attention of the winemaker.

The jeans and flannel-shirt wearing winemaker who was busy making wine rather than staffing the tasting room (in fact the sparkler bottle is dressed in a similar unpretentious fashion that belies what’s inside) came out and poured me his wine.

All in all, a very pleasurable, different, hand-made type of sparkler from an actual small producer.

You won’t find this sparkler on a wine list, but then is anything really unique and special ever found there especially for an affordable price such as this?

Rating: 88 points
Price: $16
Alcohol: 12%
Tasted: Home
Tasting Note: January 9, 2016

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